Work Groups


Colegio Biblico always has different construction projects going on for both campuses. We are happy to welcome groups who would like to support us with the work on either of the two campuses.

Following are some general guidelines to help you plan your next short-term mission trip to Colegio Biblico:

Team Size and Cost
Work teams size is recommended to be 15 people minimum and 24 maximum because of limited lodging facilities. If your group is smaller than 15, you can join with another church group to make one team of 15-24. If larger than 24, please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements. The cost per person is $250 per week.

Lodging Facilities
We have two large rooms with 12 twin size beds each to house 12 men and 12 women. Both rooms are air-conditioned and have ample showers and restrooms. Every work group is encouraged to bring their own bedding.

We have a work group building on the Mexico Campus to house 24 men and 24 women.

Building Materials
Part of the cost per person will be directed to the Building Fund to help defray the cost of building materials.

Cooking Facilities
Colegio Biblico has equipped kitchens in both campuses. The work teams will be provided with three meals each day of their stay, Monday through Friday. Groups are on their own for Saturday and Sunday meals (on arrival and/or departing days). If you would prefer different arrangements, please contact us.

For the work groups who prefer to fly, the closest airport to Eagle Pass is the San Antonio airport which is 150 miles away from Eagle Pass. Colegio Biblico personnel can pick up the work group in two-15 passenger vans for a cost of $174 per van for each round trip (58 cents per mile per vehicle).

Types of Work
Mowing grass, cleaning yards, painting, small building repairs, carpentry construction, and concrete construction. There are also 12 Christian churches in Piedras Negras (across the border) and six Christian churches in Eagle Pass. If advised with plenty of time in advance, Colegio Biblico can arrange for workgroups to help with Vacation Bible School.

For scheduling your Work Team and for more information,
please contact Gonzalo Flores at: