A Letter from the President

GFloresfotoFact: Hispanics have become the largest minority in the United States surpassing the Afro-American and Asian population.  The churches need to be aware, challenged and involved in evangelizing these Hispanics, not only abroad but here in our homeland.

Colegio Biblico has been here to face this challenge and to meet the need for Hispanic ministers, preachers, and evangelists.  Since we prepare Spanish speaking leaders we produce instant missionaries.  Potential leaders come to us from a Latin American background, so culture adaptation is not a problem.  We concentrate in preparing them to go out to their own Hispanic people and preach the gospel.

My own experience is a case in point. As a young Christian leader I accepted God’s call to the ministry while I was in Mexico pursuing a secular career.  Colegio Biblico was here to give me the skills and knowledge I needed to minister to my own people.  Due to God’s grace I was able to get my graduate education in Cincinnati Christian University and Lincoln Christian University.  God has been so gracious to me that He has now entrusted me with the leadership of Colegio Biblico to continue with this much needed mission.

We are here to prepare and provide Hispanic leaders for the Spanish speaking peoples of the world.  We are providing them for the Hispanic American countries, but we can also provide them to help you meet the challenge in the United States soil.

As the president of this prestigious Spanish speaking Bible College, I want to ask you to join and partner with us in this ministry.  I want you to be part of what God is doing among the Spanish speaking peoples of the world.

In His service,